An Archive of ‘Insignificant’ Sound Objects

Find 3 objects around you that you wish to “inspect” sonically. For each object, take/choose 1 photograph and create a 15-second recording “inspecting” this object sonically. These recordings should transmit the particular sounds that you have discovered these objects are capable of reproducing. After you have finished your individual sonic inspections, create a 30-second recording exploring the sonic interaction between these 3 objects. If possible, avoid background noise while recording these inspections. Take 1 photograph of the 3 objects assembled together. This “assembly” can be visual, mechanical, poetic, etc. Take it openly.

> Exercise prompt to create the collective “Individual Objects Archive”.

This gallery shows all the objects gathered from locations scattered all around the globe. They represent the a diversity of locations that, at the same time, is restricted by the almost simultaneous global lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The particular context required us to work without ‘proper’ materials or tools. Instead, we started looking at the ‘insignificant’ objects, the ones responsible for the ‘insignificant’ noises that invade our acoustic space on a daily basis, tuning with Mary Douglas’s “there is no such thing as dirt”, inspecting objects as agents if the “grand concert of the world”. Each photograph is paired with an audio clip on the adjacent playlists. Can you guess which is which? Can you listen without caring for the source? Can you judge a sound without focusing on meaning, only for its sonic qualities?